Leo Plastic Surgery Introductiona

Leo International Plastic Surgery IntroductionaLeo Plastic Surgery Introductiona

Leo International Plastic Surgery Team is an international enterprise focusing on medical beauty and body management. It conducts business in major developed cities around the world by means of investment holding, holding, technology development, technical consulting, technical services, and project cooperation. Aimee customers from more than 50 countries are concerned and welcomed. The founder, Mr. Liu Jinhao, is committed to allowing customers to achieve the most ideal and perfect results at the least cost, and to develop excellent doctors with rich experience and stable technology around the world as team members. Provide customers with higher quality plastic surgery services at a lower cost.

Leo Plastic Surgery Introductiona

Liou International Plastic Surgery has selected outstanding plastic surgeons from all over the world as a technical team. The members of the doctor team have very rich surgical experience and clinical experience; a professional team of aesthetic design consultants represented by Mr. Liu Jinhao has been established. With an international perspective, we customize plastic surgery plans for customers to create a fashionable, beautiful, youthful, and sexy face and figure; we have established personalized scenes and after-sales service systems for foreigners in clinics around the world, which have been widely recognized by customers. and praise.Leo Plastic Surgery Introductiona

The surgical items carried out by Liou International Plastic Surgery include: Waist and Abdominal Liposuction, Arm Liposuction, Thigh Liposuction, Back Liposuction, Facial Liposuction, Fat Grafting, Fat Butt Enhancement, Brazilian Buttocks, Prosthetic Buttocks, Prosthesis Breast augmentation, fat augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, rib rhinoplasty, ear cartilage rhinoplasty, artificial bone rhinoplasty, double eyelid, canthus opening, brow lift, eye bag removal, face lift, face lift, hair transplant, private parts Tightening, hyaluronic acid filling, botulinum toxin wrinkle removal, skin beauty, dental beauty, restoration and reconstruction and other medical beauty projects;

Leo Plastic Surgery Introductiona

Customers from all countries in the world can find contact information and consultants through instagram, facebook(meta), twitter, tiktok, youtube, wechat, line, weibo, google, baidu and other Internet platforms for consultation. Riou International will provide free online consultation. For consultation and diagnosis, we design plastic surgery plans, evaluate preferential prices, and make continuous efforts and struggles for customers' surgical goals and ideals.